I'm Charlie!

Say hello, ask about the student's name and age (click forward). If the student doesn't understand, choose another lesson (Trial 4-6 y.o.)

How old

are you?


your name?

Where do you live?

Ask "How are you?". Present emotions (click forward), engage the student to name each emotion.

Focus your student on each picture (click forward). Ask him/her to name each group of things. Engage your student to tell you about his/her likes / dislikes and hobbies. If the student doesn't understand, choose another lesson (Trial 7-9 y.o.)

Engage the student to describe the weather in each picture. Ask him/her to guess what clothes Charlie is wearing. Remind your student to use full sentences: "In the first picture it is sunny so Charlie is wearing ... ".

Focus your student on the picture. Ask him/her to describe it by using Present Continuous. The first sentence is "Charlie's family is having picnic in the countryside ... ".

Focus your student on the picture. Give him/her time to read the text. While reading, ask your student to complete it with must / mustn't

It's Tuesday and Charlie's at home. He can't go to school because he's got a temperature.

He _ _ _ _  get up. He _ _ _ _ stay in bed. He's got a cough and a cold. His doctor says he _ _ _ _  run or play. He _ _ _ _ sleep and drink a lot. He loves swimming and he always has a swimming lesson on Tuesdays. He can't go today. He is sad and unhappy.

Explain to your student that Charlie is at the zoo. He's comparing some animals. Ask your student to read Charlie's thoughts. Does he/she agree with them? Ask your student to correct the wrong sentences. Ask:"Why some of these animals are special?". Let your student answer this question by using Superlatives, e.g. Whales are the biggest animals in the world.

1. Whales are bigger than dolphins.

2. Dolphins are longer than whales.

3. Pandas are quicker than bears.

4. Bats are dirtier than parrots.

5. Monkeys are better at climbing than pandas.

6. Sharks  are worse at swimming than kangaroos.

Focus your student on the picture. Ask him/her to tell you a story about his/her friend's birthday by using Past Simple. Let your student imagine it was last week. 

Last week ____ my friend's birthday. I ______ to his/her party last Saturday (Sunday, Friday). It ______ good (exciting, nice). We ______ pasta (sandwiches, salad) and _____ fruit juice (lemonade, water). We ______ a funny game (film , song). I ______ him / her a present. I _______ home at seven (eight, nine) o'clock.

Focus your student on these two pictures. Ask him/her to tell you about the differences between them. Then say "Goodbye" and finish the lesson.