• Как проходят уроки?
  • Короткий пробный урок.
  • Описание дальнейших занятий.

Добро пожаловать на пробный урок! Чем займёмся сегодня?

My name _____ Bob!

Что такое классная комната?

  • интерактивная платформа с уроками по программе
  • можно рисовать разными цветами
  • можно печатать текст

Что такое классная комната?

  • можно смотреть видео и слушать аудио вместе с учителем
  • система поощрений - звёздочки и персонаж

Какие бывают домашние задания?

Что такое Speaking Club?

Достижения ученика и дипломы


I'm Charlie!

Say hello, ask about the student's name and age (click forward) If the student doesn't understand, choose another lesson (Trial complete beginner 4-6 y.o.)


your name?

How old

are you?

Ask "How are you?". Present emotions (click forward), engage the student to mime: "happy", "sad", "hungry", "tired".

Ask "Do you like (click forward) pets? (click forward)". Repeat: "Pets".

Ask the student to circle the pets that you name. Check if he/she can read. Engage him/her to make sentences like "It's a grey cat" to check the knowledge of colours and it is.

Ask the student to say "A dog/cat/etc. can..." If this is too hard, engage the student to mime the actions run/jump/fly/swim for a warm-up.






Say "Look! Charlie has got a cat!". Click forward and engage the student to make up his own sentences with has got. Then ask: "Have you got a pet?". See if the student can use have got/haven't got.

Ask: "What are the pets doing?" to test Present Continuous. Ask: "Do you like cats/dogs/etc." to test Present Simple. Engage advanced students to describe the picture.

Use this task for advanced students. The student reads the sentences about the previous picture and mark them with "+" or "-".

1  The cat has got a yellow ball.

2  The hamster is under the tree.

3  The dog is eating.

4  The parrot is flying.

5  There are 5 flowers.

6  The fish is swimming in the lake.

Revise all the lesson material quickly: ask the student to choose a pet and describe it. Give an example about the hamster: "This is a hamster. I like hamsters. It is small and orange. It can walk. It it standing now".


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