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Привет! Меня зовут Чарли! Как тебя зовут?

My name


is: _____________

Что такое интерактивная классная комната?

Ты можешь рисовать!

Ты можешь печатать!

Ты можешь получать звездочки!

Let's sing together!

Смотрите видео и слушайте аудио вместе со своим учителем

Что такое интерактивная классная комната?

Ask and answer

how are you?





Look and repeat after the teacher


Mime game









Guessing Game


Complete and match

What can a/an ... do?

I ___________ in a school.

I ___________  in a studio.

I ___________ in a hair salon.

I ___________ in a theatre.

Circle the correct option

Taxi drivers drive cars / sell products in the city.

Doctors teach pupils /

help people in the hospital.

Chefs cook food / cut hair  in the restaurant.

What do they do?

Businessmen teach / sell products in the office.

Answering questions

Where does ... work ?

Charlie is a teacher. Where does he work?

Meera is a haidresser. Where does she work?

Stella is an actress. Where does she work?

Alex is a chef.
Where does he work?

Find the treasure

Read the text


  Do you want a job that brings you happiness? If so you might want to consider hairdressing as a career. new research has said that hairdressers are the happiest workers in the UK. So what makes haidressers  happy? Jonathan Pickup who works at the Slice Salon in Newcastle  says "It’s quite trendy. You are always around people. It is about special warm relationships with your clients. We change people styles and make them feel good and look good!"

What did we learn today?

Vocabulary: doctor, help, teacher, teach, artist, paint, businessman, sell, chef, cook, actor, act, hairdresser, cut hair, taxi driver, drive.


Grammar: present tense, have got, present continuous, pronouns, plural nouns, modal verb "can", some prepositions.


Sentence examples:  Doctors help people in the hospital. Taxi drivers drive cars in the city. Chefs cook in the restaurant. What can an artist do? An artist can paint. The teacher works in a school.

See you next lesson!

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